About The Author

Dee Hahn grew up riding in a backpack.

As soon as she could walk, she carried her own backpack and accompanied her parents through forests, up mountains, and across badlands. Once, she even crawled through a limestone cave filled with thousands of bats, and it was this moment that sealed her great love of adventure.

Dee continued to travel and live abroad as a young adult, and many of these experiences have found their way into her novels.

Graduating from university with a degree in teaching, Dee often journaled about her travels in her spare time. She began writing children’s stories when her children asked for a bedtime tale, and soon found that she couldn’t stop! Sheds, closets and cafes became her favourite spots to hide so that she could find more time to write.

The Grave Thief is Dee's first novel, and fantasy will always be the genre of her heart

Graveyards are one of the places she likes most, and she was lucky enough to live beside a crumbling, wild cemetery while writing The Grave Thief. On one graveyard adventure, she stumbled across a black bear hiding behind a bush–she has never run so fast in her life! When asked what inspires her novels, Dee often speaks about her own life experiences and her passions. She likes to incorporate themes of forgiveness and redemption in her novels, as well as self-discovery. Whenever she gets the opportunity, she’ll also try to sneak in the mention of ravens or lemon pie (two of her favourite things).
These days, you can find Dee tending her nefarious chickens, building treehouses with her kids, and exploring the woods–and dreaming up more stories, of course.